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Fashion handbags line is a handbags manufacturer and supplier in China, provide handbag sample making, private label handbags production service, supply and wholesale fashion handbags, leather handbags, leather briefcases, leather wallets, luggages, travel backpacks, laptop bags, and leather accessories in high quality and fashion design. We launch new styles in every season, welcome to custom handbags and buy handbags from us.
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Cork handbags-New Fashion Trends and eco friendly
Cork handbags is a new fashion trend and eco friendly handbags available in fashion market. Cork Fabric, or cork leather as it is sometimes called, is manufactured from the very thin cork veneer and the various backing fabric material.It is an ideal material for leather replacement, which can be used in many products such as Briefcase, Wallet, Handbag, Note Book, Umbrella, Furniture and so on.
Cork Fabric, or cork leather, these thin sheets of natural cork are laminated to a fabric support backing using a specialized proprietary technique. The grade or weightCork handbags, cork handbags manufacturers in china of this backing varies depending on the function. Normally a blend of polyster and cotton are used as the backing. The durability of the laminated cork is remarkable. Most cork fabrics can be washed in a washing machine at 90 degree F (30 degree C). After lamination the cork is protected with a fabric protection spray which prevents staining.
Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree (Quercus suber in Latin) which grows in the mountain area of at least eight provinces of China and Mediterranean region. The reason for this is due to the climate and types of soil produced within these areas. The tree is distinguished by the great thickness and sponginess of its bark. There are a few different types of cork trees. However, these cork trees produce a bark which is unusable for cork production. The cork used for wine-stoppers and for the production of cork flooring comes exclusively from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree.
Cork is nature's nearly perfect product which is 100% natural, recyclable and reusable, essential qualities in a more environmentally friendly and less polluted modern society.

Cork Oak Trees produce Suberin, a waxy substance which adds to the versatility and functionality of the cork, making it a valuable investment. The Suberin possesses qualities allowing it to resist rotting caused by moisture, mildew, mold, and insect infestation.

Cork is of light weight honeycomb structure and flexible membrane. For example, Cork Wall Tiles have something like two hundred million air cells per square inch and sixty percent of that is purely air. It seems a cushion of air, and absorbs sounds, atmosphere and noises created by equipment like direct impacts.

There are numerous properties that cork has such as below.
       • Light in weight (Buoyant) • Soft • Warm • Quiet
       • Resilient • Compressible Durable • Well Frictional
       • Low conductor of sound and heat
       • Resistant to the passage of moisture and liquids
       • Absorbs sounds and vibration
       • Rot resistant
       • Fire resistant in its natural state

Cork handbags are manufactured from the bark of Oak trees. The sustainability of its production and the easy recycling of cork's handbags and by-products are two of its most distinctive aspects. What makes Cork handbags a unique product is its properties: Lightness, Elasticity, Impermeability, Insulation, and Resistance to wear and tear, Hypoallergenic and Fire resistant. In buying and using cork handbags, you are contributing to the preservation of a natural, renewable resource and ecological environment in western Mediterranean countries.

Fashion handbags line is a cork handbags manufacturer and supplier in China, proivde cork handbags samples making, private label handbags production service, contact us now, to have your eco friendly and fashion trendy cork handbags collection.

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